EuroTier 2022: Seminars on gut health and sustainability & welfare

EuroTier 2022: Seminars on gut health and sustainability & welfare
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In just 3 days, November 16, Pig Progress will proudly host 2 in-person seminars at EuroTier 2022 (in the New York 2 room, hall 20). The focus of these seminars are on 2 topical themes: Gut health and Sustainability & Welfare. There is still time to register to either attend the seminar in person or to view live online. Don’t miss out…

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EuroTier is the world’s largest trade show in animal production. It takes place at November 15-18 in Hanover, Germany. Apart from pigs, the event focuses on on poultry and dairy production. Held in co-location with BioEnergy Decentral, the event will showcase an estimated 1,700 exhibitors. It will present novelties or simply welcoming the world.

Live and online

At such an event, Pig Progress does not want to be left out. 2 side events will present a range of interesting and thought-provoking speakers in room New York 2, adjacent to Hall 20 at the showgrounds. The webinars can be viewed live online as well and they are also available for viewing on-demand.

10am-11.30am: Gut health

EuroTier 2022

The theme of gut health in pigs will be introduced by Dr Julia Hankel DVM of the University of Veterinary Medicine (TiHo) in Hanover. Theme of her talk will be intestinal microbiota resilience and the impact of nutrition.


EuroTier 2022Next, Dr Torben Liermann will address the audience. He is managing director at Provita Supplements in Germany. His presentation will focus on measures to holistically improve gut integrity in livestock.


EuroTier 2022

On behalf of Agrimprove, a brand by the Royal Agrifirm Group, Margarita Trujano will mount the stage. She is technical director and swine specialist. Title of her presentation is “Understanding the endotoxins’ role in pig health.”


EuroTier 2022

In addition, Jørn Munch Madsen will speak on behalf of AB Neo, where he is senior technical manager. He shall zoom in on the increasing of survival rate from farrowing to weaning – and share information of a trial carried out in Bologna, Italy.


Noon-1.30pm: Sustainability and welfare

As from noon CET, the topic of conversation will shift to Sustainability & Welfare. The first speaker in that session will be Dr Volker Wilke, attached to the University of Veterinary Medicine (TiHo) in Hanover, Germany. He will address 2 large projects zooming in on the effects of rye as a grain source in terms of sustainability and its specific fibres in terms of welfare and functional effects.


The 2nd speaker in this event will be Dr Lea Hübertz Birch Hansen. She is product manager swine at Chr Hansen. Her presentation is titled “Connecting the dots between sows and piglets” and touching on the role of probiotics, she will spend attention on sow performance and how that matters for uniformity for instance.


EuroTier 2022The 3rd speaker at this Pig Progress event is Bart Hillen, he is technical director EMEA at Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, part of IFF. In the context of sustainability and welfare it is good to take a look at the phasing out of inorganic phosphorus – and what will happen in the future.

Other Misset seminars at EuroTier

Apart from Pig Progress, our international sister titles will also be present with various side events. On Thursday, November 17, Poultry World will present 3 seminars, on Gut health (10am), Sustainability & Welfare (noon) and Antibiotic reduction (2pm). For more information about all side events and how to register, click the button below.

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