Wrapping up April: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up April: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up April: What s new in the world of pigs?

April 2021 was the month in which various global pig nutrition companies launched online initiatives, with calculators, databases and a webinar series. Plus: the acquisition of Theseo by Lanxess was completed.

AB Vista launches online dietary fibre calculator

AB Vista has launched a free tool to assist in the formulation of animal diets. The dietary fibre calculator uses average values of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content of finished animal feed. The user can enter up to 28 different raw materials, along with the daily total intake in kg, to show the fibre composition of feed as well as the daily fibre intake.

Evonik launches AminoDat 6.0 feed raw material database

German chemical company Evonik has launched the AminoDat 6.0 feed raw material database. It comprises more than 900,000 analytical results from over 18,000 samples of more than 500 raw materials with which livestock feed can be formulated. With the launch of the new product, the company can now make the results available as a web application several times a year.

Zinpro webinars to manage variation in piglet birthweight

Zinpro hosted 2 webinars looking at the latest research in the area of management and nutritional interventions to help swine producers reduce the economic consequences of low birthweight piglets. Swine nutritionist, Dr Christof Rapp, swine practitioner, Marrina Schuttert, and assistant professor, Dr Anja Varmløse Strathe, discussed the role of genetic progress and increasing litter size, the correlation between litter birthweight and survival, and sow nutrition.

Menon’s MrFeed gains EU certification

Menon Renewable Products has been granted EU certification for its feed ingredient, MrFeed, which allows the product to be sold to livestock operators across Europe. The company also announced that a feeder pig trial showed pig diets containing MrFeed Pro50 Sw, a functional feed ingredient, showed decreased mortality and reduced need for treatment of disease without the use of antibiotics.

Nutreco publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report

Nutreco has published its online Sustainability Report 2020, which officially wraps up its sustainability Vision 2020 and introduces the strategy for the next 5 years, RoadMap 2025. It is focused on 3 main pillars: health and welfare, climate and circularity, and good citizenship.

Vietnamese prize for Charoen Pokphand Foods

Thai agribusiness Charoen Pokphand Foods has won the gold prize from the Vietnam National Quality Awards 2020 and the other 5 National Quality Awards in 2019-2020 from its efforts to improve product quality and contribute to the development of modern and sustainable agriculture in the country.

Photo: Charoen Pokphand Foods

Photo: Charoen Pokphand Foods

In addition, Charoen Pokphand Cambodia is investing over US$ 67 million in livestock production, food processing and slaughterhouses in the South East Asian country. That was revealed by the Cambodian ministry of agriculture. CP already has 2 plants in Cambodia, producing meat as well as feed. The aim is to expand animal production by contract farming.

Lanxess completes Theseo acquisition

Specialty chemicals company, Lanxess, has completed the acquisition of the French Theseo group, manufacturer of animal health and biosecurity solutions. The new businesses will be integrated into the ‘material protection products’ business unit. The company is also adding products for pest control and animal nutrition and welfare to that portfolio. The news of the negotiations of the takeover broke in January 2021.

Complete water filtration system for livestock

Dutch company Total Water Care introduced a skid mounted water filtration system, an all-in-one concept to ensure clean, fresh and tasty drinking water for farm animals. The waterskid cleans iron, manganese and water hardness to the right levels.

Photo: Total Water Care

Photo: Total Water Care

First Porcus air scrubber by Big Dutchman in Italy

Climate control experts of Inno+ have developed a new way of livestock cooling for pig and poultry stables to achieve an optimal climate for the animals year-round. In the winter period, incoming air is preheated with energy recovered from air washers and for the summer Inno+ has developed a new cooling concept specifically for the cooling of farrowing and breeding stables.

In March, the Inno+ parent company Big Dutchman, installed the first Porcus air scrubber in Italy, at a farm in Treviso housing 2,400 sows. The air scrubber will reduce the amount of odour from the farm.

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