Intervet gets full license for PCVAD vaccine

24-10-2007 | |

Invervet Inc. obtained the full USDA license for PCVAD vaccine in an announcement yesterday.

PCV (Porcine Circovirus Vaccine, Type 2, Killed Baculovirus Vector) enables superior control over the management of Porcine Circovirus Associated Disease.

To date, the vaccine has been used in tens of millions of doses and has proven to reduce mortality greatly. It also shows superior growth performance through processing against non-vaccinates.

Healthy swine
The labels states that it can be used in “healthy swine, 3 weeks of age or older”. Pigs should receive two 2 cc doses through intramuscular injection three weeks apart for optimal dose.

Vaccinations are recommended at three and six weeks of age.

According to John Foxx, Intervet Marketing Manager, “the vaccine has proven to reduce mortality, medication costs and in addition to improve growth performance”.

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