About this webinar

Please join us to gain the latest insights into the requirements of the modern sow, their challenges and possible strategies to optimize their productivity.

This webinar will offer you the perspectives from a genetic company, science and practical application from important swine markets.

We will start with the latest insights into the requirements of globally important sow genetics. Followed by the experiences from Spain (Europe’s largest pork producing country) on improved sow performance with organic trace minerals. The webinar will be concluded with the added value that ADM’s organic trace minerals brought to a USA pork producer when included in their commercial sow feeds.


Jordi Camp Montoro, DVM, PhD

European Nutritionist Manager at PIC (Pig Improvement Company) since 2022

Insights on feeding the modern gilts and sows

  • How can we support sows to reach their genetic potential?
  • Nutritional strategies to optimize sow productivity

Daniel Jones, Ph.D

Senior Swine Technical Manager at ADM Animal Nutrition, USA

The added value of B-TRAXIM glycinates in sows

  • Sow performance with glycinates at reduced dose (commercial conditions, USA)
  • Piglet hemoglobin and birth weight

Prof. Dr. Antonio Palomo Yagüe

Swine Division Manager for ADM Animal Nutrition in Spain since 1999 and Associate professor in the department of Animal Medicine and Surgery, faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain since 1994.

Improving performance of hyperprolific sows using organic trace minerals

  • Challenges of hyperprolific sows
  • Experience with organic trace minerals in sows from Spain

Vincent ter Beek

Host and editor Pig Progress