Attend our free webinar on ‘Pig Health’ which will be hosted on October 31 at 11:00 CET below.

Almost silently, the emphasis has shifted in the world of pig health in recent years. In the past many potential health issues could be avoided by the use of tools like antibiotics or zinc oxide, to name a few. These days, however, increasingly there’s much more attention for preventing health issues to occur, through better biosecurity, decent nutrition and vaccination. The industry has learnt that pig production can be done healthier by building better circumstances. This webinar will give a couple of great examples how pigs can be assisted from birth to slaughter aiming for optimal health, with special attention for grow-finisher pigs.


Dr Tijs Tobias

Senior veterinarian and veterinary specialist

Title of the presentation

“Containing infectious disease in grower-finishing pig farms”

  • External biosecurity (farm level)
    • Animals and transport
    • Persons and fomites
  • Internal (between compartment transmission) biosecurity measures
  • Internal (within compartment transmission) biosecurity measures

Aurélie Montagnon

Central Technical Management

Title of the presentation

Improving pig health in all life stages requires a multi-faceted approach, focusing on different organ systems via feed additives

  • The 11 organ systems that are important to manage pig health
  • Phytobiotic to support respiratory system health
  • Nutritional emulsifier to support gastrointestinal system health
  • Selenium to support immune system health
  • Mycotoxin binder to support reproductive system health
  • Trace minerals to support integumentary system health

Dr Roman Krejci

Swine corporate veterinary service manager

Title of the presentation

Lung lesion scoring in monitoring respiratory health and its impact on pig performance

  • Methodology of lung lesion scoring (LLS)
  • Diagnosing and monitoring lung infections via LLS
  • Epidemiological surveys
  • Assessment of efficacy of control measures
  • Relationship between LLS and pig performance
  • Benchmarking of farm respiratory health results
  • Data management

Vincent ter Beek

Host and editor Pig Progress