Attend our webinar on “Pathogens and Prevention” which will be hosted on February 24 at 15:00 CET. More details below.


E. coli, the swine fevers, PRRS virus, Strep suis, PCV2, Salmonella… the list of pathogens swine producers would rather not see in their pig houses is endless. Some viruses, bacteria or parasites can be kept out relatively easily, others are hard work to get under control – if possible at all. Fact is, however, that the theme of Pathogens & Prevention is more important than ever with on one hand African Swine Fever virus knocking on the doors of many countries, and on the other antibiotics being limited as an effective tool to control bacteria. To address these issues, Pig Progress will set up a webinar on the theme, zooming in on the issue from various angles. The question will get attention how to keep a pig farm safe applying proper biosecurity, but also on-farm bug reduction measures as well as nutritional solutions will be discussed.”

Romain D’Inca

Product Manager of Swine at Royal Agrifirm Group

‘Reducing the impact of bacterial pathogens with a natural and proven solution, Vitafibra’

  • Despite progress in the last decades, bacterial diseases still permanently challenge pig efficiency 
  • Natural alternatives must replace chemicals to serve the needs of farmers, consumers, and governments
  • Selected fibre subfractions are a proven natural solution to prevent performance losses due to bacterial pathogens

Dr. Nele Caekebeke

CEO of Biocheck.UGent

Biosecurity: prevention is better than cure!

  • Importance of biosecurity in animal production (principles, link with animal health)
  • Biocheck.UGent tool to quantify biosecurity
  • Biosecurity in the prevention of African Swine Fever

Daisy Roijackers

Manager Biosecurity and Regulatory Affairs

‘Cleaning and disinfection is the first line of defence: how to make the right choice?’

  • As ASF continues to wreck the pork industry, farm biosecurity remains the first line of defence.
  • For successful cleaning and disinfection, various aspects need to be carefully considered: Why is it so important to use a validated biocide?
  • And what properties should a biocide possess to be effective under practical circumstances?


Vincent ter Beek

Host and Editor Pig Progress


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