Use of insect derived ingredients in swine production has been a discussion topic for many years. The subject has recently received a fresh boost after European Committee on Plant and Animal Health voted in favor of allowing the use of processed animal proteins use in animal feed. And yet, insect oil is already permitted for use in swine diets. We invite you to hear about the journey of innovation, research and consumer studies to bring insect oil to pork producers in Europe.

On the 17th of June Pig Progress Editor Vincent ter Beek will host a webinar called “Insect oil: a new tool driving sustainable pig production”. Present in the studio will be Graziano Mantovani, Strategic Marketing and Technology Lead Swine for Western Europe at Cargill and Chloé Phan Van Phi, Head of Marketing and Sales at InnovaFeed, producer of premium insect ingredients . In 60 minutes, Chloé and Graziano will answer your questions and guide you through the story using of insect ingredients in animal feed in order to build sustainable and performing value chains.

  • Sustainable pig nutrition approach: the big picture
  • Insect oil – reconciling performance and sustainability
  • Unique symbiosis model in insects production
  • Life cycle analysis as tool to quantify environmental footprint
  • Natural fit in the swine diet: what do the pigs tell?
  • And the consumers? Case study of insect fed pork meat on the supermarket’s shelves.

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Dr. Graziano Mantovani, Strategic Marketing and Technology Lead Swine Western Europe at Cargill Animal Nutrition.

Dr. Graziano Mantovani is the Strategic Marketing and Technology Lead for Cargill’s Provimi Swine  business in Western Europe. Responsible for planning the delivery, launch and management of products and services portfolios on technical and marketing sides.In his role he is also responsible to develop an industry network with key opinion leaders, R&D and experts as well as Lead the specie team at Europe and Region level

Chloé Phan Van Phi, Head of Marketing and Sales at InnovaFeed

Her role involves working with all stakeholders in the agro-industry to build together sustainable and economically sound value chains. As an example, InnovaFeed partnered with the French retailer Auchan to commercialize the first products in the world (trout, chicken, swine) whose diet benefited from insects nutrients.

Vincent ter Beek, Host and Chief Editor Pig Progress