healthy gut is pivotal for pigs of all ages to be able to thrive. If for whatever reason the gut doesn’t perform optimally, a pig producer will notice the effects immediately: sub-optimal growth, diarrhoea, secondary diseases and welfare issues. This webinar aims to address a healthy gut in pigs and will highlight various strategies that can be used to promote gut health, with a focus on dietary components.

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Lien Vande Maele, DVM, Central Technical Manager at Orffa

“Betaine: a multifactorial solution to support piglets gut health”.

Betaine positively influences the gut of weaning piglets and is often forgotten when thinking about possible additives to ameliorate gut health. In this presentation, we want to highlight the different opportunities for betaine to support nutrient digestion and absorption, improve the physical barrier of protection, impact microbiota and enhance piglets defense.

Anouschka Middelkoop PhD, Researcher in swine nutrition at Schothorst Feed Research

“A structured nutritional approach to optimize piglet gut health”.

Current pig production will continue to face challenges relating to gut health and performance in piglets. This emphasises the need for a structured nutritional approach over time, starting for the first days after birth to the first weeks post-weaning, aiming to reduce piglet mortality, morbidity and antimicrobial use. In this introductory presentation we will guide you through the various gastro-intestinal challenges that pigs are facing and how piglet diets can be formulated to optimize piglet gut health.

Rene Schepens, Director of European Protein

The role of sow feed in successful piglet weaning“.

Rene is an Agricultural Engineer specialised in pigs and has more than three decades of experience in the feed industry, working as an Advisor, Commercial Director and Co-owner

Dr. Ninfa Rangel Pedersen, Senior Scientist in European Protein

Improving the microbiome of sows“. 

Ninfa holds an MSc. in Biochemistry and a PhD in Enzyme Biotechnology. Before joining our European Proteins team, Ninfa worked within the enzyme industry for more than twenty years, researching the mode-of-action of enzymes for applications within the food, feed, cosmetic and health industries.

Vincent ter Beek, Host and editor for PigProgress