Podcast: Dr Bradley’s reflections on her own career

Podcast: Dr Bradley’s reflections on her own career

In this 79th episode of the Real P3 podcast, swine nutritionist Dr Casey Bradley talks about her experiences in the swine industry during her career, and where she believes valuable changes could be made. She also takes a look at plans for the year ahead.

“I dislike, from a personal standpoint, how women are portraying themselves in agriculture,” she says. “I work on the farm, but I also lead meetings in c-suites, and that’s not as easy to show…but it needs to be shown,” she says, adding that there are plenty of women rising to the top, taking on a variety of roles in the industry. She refers, as an example, to the women in the previous 2 episodes who all significantly contribute to the sector.

Bradley talks about there being a wide variety of career opportunities for women in the swine and agricultural industries and highlights that there are many men who support women and welcome their contributions. “Now is the time,” she notes.

Shortfalls, limitations, opportunities and mentors

She talks about the shortfalls in her personal career, how she felt she had to prove herself physically and mentally. She shares some of her journey and what she learnt along the way, some limitations and how important it is to ask for her when needed. “We need to understand everyone’s limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and utilise people in the right ways.”

She speaks about her mentors and highlihgts Dr. Peter Wilcock with AB Vista as being one of the most influential and important people in her career. She speaks openly about how she’d like to see more women leading women, and how compromise is ok. She acknowledges the support and encouragement she has received from her husband, as well as her ‘tribe’, colleagues and supporters who she says keep her going.

“Opportunities in this life are truly up to how big I can dream,” she says, speaking about how hard work will get you where you want to go, but encourages listeners to mentor and guide the younger generation, cautioning them not to accept opportunities if they are not yet ready.

She also looks ahead at some exciting plans she has for 2023!


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