Podcast: Being an entrepreneur in the swine industry, part 1

Podcast: Being an entrepreneur in the swine industry, part 1

In this 54th episode of the Real P3 podcast, Dr Casey Bradley speaks to entrepreneur, Jeb Gent, co-founder of Ascension Ag. In this first part of a 2-part series, Gent talks about entrepreneurship in the swine sector and how to drive innovation and success within the industry.

The Real P3 podcast series is an initiative where pork professionals from around the globe share their thoughts, insights, and solutions to their day-to-day challenges in the pig farming and production industry.

Gent grew up in Iowa and comes from a farming family. He studied at Iowa State University and got a bachelor of science, agriculture and biology and then “joined the swine world”.

Bradley and Gent discuss some of the challenges he has faced as an entrepreneur with a focus on product development and getting a product to market. Ascension Ag aims to “elevate livestock biosecurity through the innovation and simplification of product solutions”. He shared the story about how and why the company began, where the idea came from, and why it is so relevant.

New ideas, regulations, and driving innovation

“What is the next idea and what do we need to solve?” Bradley asked. Gent shared his thoughts and also spoke about navigating regulations, tax laws, and other challenges operating in an industry that spreads across states, countries and regions.

Finally, Bradley and Gent spoke about some things that the industry can do to drive innovation and support people with new ideas that solve real problems in the swine sector.

In the second part of this 2-part series, Gent will focus on biosecurity and sanitation, which he is very involved with.


Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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