EuroTier 2022: Technical programmes for pig production

EuroTier 2022
EuroTier 2022 will take place from November 15 until November 18 in Hanover, Germany. Photo: Henk Riswick

New pig husbandry concepts, a focus on feed and a pig forum will be available for visitors at the upcoming EuroTier 2022, which takes place from 15-18 November in Hanover, Germany. Experts will also debate strategies for pig production.

Whole-farm livestock management concepts (Hall 26, stand B06)

Livestock concepts for finishers, sows and piglets, including animal welfare, profitability and efficiency as well as environmental aspects, will be explored in Eurotier’s spotlight ‘Whole-farm livestock management concepts’. The selected concepts will be exhibited using new pig pen models around which discussions will take place.

Feed for future (Hall 21)

New and proven feedstuffs and feeding methods can improve animal welfare and reduce nutrient surpluses, which is an environmental advantage. Innovative feedstuffs, feed processes and formulations will be presented.

Direct farm sales (Hall 26)

On-farm processing and direct farm sales are increasingly attractive to pig farms. The new “Direct farm sales” spotlight will focus on best-practice examples such as technical solutions and sales and marketing strategies.

International cattle and pig event (Hall 2)

Themed ‘Livestock farming between desire and reality’, livestock farmers, experts and exhibitors will convene for discussions, presentations and networking at the Cattle & Pig Event on the eve of EuroTier (14 November).

Pig and Poultry Forum (Hall 17, stand B46)

Practical topics for pig and poultry farmers with be the focus of the Pig & Poultry Forum where experts from academia, research and enterprises will discuss the future of pig and poultry farming, including a debate on diversification and specialisation strategies.

Talk Tier (Animals) (Hall 26, stand B33)

At DLG Talk Tier (Animals), a panel of experts from science, consulting and practice will discuss major challenges facing the international livestock industry, from agricultural policy and food security to climate change, animal welfare and sustainability.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist