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Photo: Shutterstock

Misset International brands All About Feed, Poultry World, Pig Progress and Dairy Global are publishing a special magazine abuout Heat Stress in April 2021. The publication will focus on solutions to minimise the impact of heat stress on farm animals.

Heat stress occurs when an animal’s heat load is greater than its capacity to lose heat. It can cast a shadow over the performance and profitability of livestock production. High environmental temperature is not the only reason that causes elevated body temperature but a combination of environmental temperature and relative humidity could be to blame too.

Heat stress in pigs, dairy cows and poultry

Heat stress in dairy cows can cause a significant drop in milk production as well as have a negative effect on fertility and reproductive performance. In broilers and laying hens, heat stress can reduce growth rates, decrease egg production and reduce the quality of meat and eggs.

Pigs are also sensitive to heat stress and sunburn. They have relatively small lungs and no sweat glands so are unable to keep themselves cool. Heat stress seems to be an underestimated problem but, to a large extent, one that could be easily solved.

Advertising opportunities in the Heat Stress special edition  

Mitigating heat stress

In this special issue the editorial team will delve into the finesses of heat stress and explain at which combinations of temperature and relative humidity it rears its ugly head. Furthermore, effective approaches will be shared to mitigate heat stress and feature nutritional interventions that prevent damage in extreme climates or hot spells in moderate climates.

Topics will include:

  • How to recognise signs of heat stress
  • Tips on better management practices
  • Housing, ventilation and cooling measures
  • And much more….

Print, digital and online possibilities

This special will be included with the regular magazines All About Feed, Pig Progress, Poultry World and Dairy Global (print and online). All the articles will be published online and highlighted in e-newsletters.

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