Webinar: Pig nutrition without ZnO and fewer antibiotics

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Illustration: Shutterstock
Illustration: Shutterstock

How to formulate successful piglet feed without the usage of zinc oxide and with as few antibiotics as possible? That question will be key in an upcoming webinar, organised by Phileo by Lesaffre, Pig Progress and All About Feed.

Of course, the background of the webinar is the European Union’ phasing out of the usage of zinc oxide in feeds for just-weaned piglets. This strategy, together with the use of antibiotics, was a vital one in various EU regions to keep post-weaning diarrhoea under control.

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Consequences for swine producers

For swine producers, this means they will have to do more with less. They need to cope with higher feed costs, a responsible use of antibiotics and less zinc oxide, and at the same time, more expectations from consumers.

Demonstrating nutritional strategies

The webinar, to be held on May 27, 11am CET, will address these issues. Organised by Phileo by Lesaffre in cooperation with Pig Progress and All About Feed, the webinar will present nutritional strategies of the use of yeast probiotics and their ability to modulate microbiota with a positive response on performance, animal health and immunity. Trial results will be shown, demonstrating how yeast probiotics effectively work in diets with low use of zinc oxide and antibiotic replacement.

Three speakers will address the following topics:

  • Dr Megan Edwards, independent nutritionist at Integral Nutrition, Vietnam
    Adapting to the new challenges in young pig nutrition
  • Dr Tadele Kiros, global R&D manager swine, Phileo by Lesaffre
    Effect of probiotic yeast strain Sc 47 on pig gut microbiota
  • Shen Fei Long, PhD student, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
    Probiotic yeast improves weaned piglet performance, gut health and immunity

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Challenges facing the pig industry

In the first presentation, Dr Edwards will present the challenges the industry faces, with a focus on antibiotic usage and the zinc oxide ban. She will focus on nutritional approaches implemented to replace antibiotics and zinc oxide, think of:

  • the use of low-protein diets;
  • the use of highly digestible ingredients;
  • the use of high digestible ingredients
  • the importance of fibre and fibre nutrition for gut health.

Dr Edwards will also touch upon the alternatives available (probiotics, prebiotics, eubiotics) and she will pay attention to yeast probiotics and functional proteins.

Effect of probiotic yeast strain on pig gut health

Next, Dr Kiros will delve into the effect of probiotic yeast strain Sc 47 on pig gut microbiota and the role of microbiota on gut health and animal well-being. He will also speak about the latest advances in microbiota modulation and its relation to gut health, animal wellbeing and zootechnical performance. In addition, the role of probiotic live yeast on microbiota modulation will receive attention.

Trial results of probiotic yeast supplementation

Last but not least, Shen Fei Long, PhD student, will discuss the results of a trial done at the China Agricultural University in China, which looked at probiotic yeast supplementation on animals fed antibiotic-free diets, and how antibiotics can be reduced in pigs when even after a challenge with E. coli.


The webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 27, at 11am Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 6am
  • London, UK: 10am
  • Moscow, Russia: noon
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 4pm
  • Beijing, China: 5pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 6pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 7pm
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 9pm

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