Transgenic pigs bred in china

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Transgenic pigs bred in china

A fluorescent green pig has given birth to two piglets which share their mothers transgenic characteristic after she mated with an ordinary pig, according to Liu Zhonghua, a professor at Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province.


Inheritable characteristics

Zhonghua stated in an interview that “the mouths, trotters and tongues of the two piglets glow green under ultraviolet light. The births meant transgenic pigs were reproductive and part of their transgenic characteristics were inheritable.

“This technology promises to breed excellent transgenic pigs and even raise special pigs to provide organs for human transplant operations in the future Chinese scientists bred the pigs successfully using somatic cell nuclear transfer technology following their counterparts in the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan.”

Green protein

The mother pig is one of the three fluorescent green pigs successfully bred by a research team led by Liu in December 2006 after they injected fluorescent green protein into pig embryos. She produced 11 piglets but so far only two of them have inherited the fluorescent feature.

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