Swine suffer the heat in Italian drought

16-08-2012 | | |
Swine suffer the heat in Italian drought

Italian farmers this year have suffered one billion euros (US$1.2 billion) in crop damage from drought, with pigs consuming 40% less of their daily ration, Xinhua reports.

The crop losses in the US that have caused a global alarm over the potential for a food crisis may also affect the Mediterranean country which “heavily depends on foreign imports of row materials,” Italy’s largest farm association, Coldiretti, warned.

The heat has also affected farm animals across the country, with dairy cows producing up to 20 percent less milk compared to average production, and pigs consuming 40 percent less of their daily ration.

The association, based in Rome, report also that soybean losses were some 50 % of the total production, while corn and tomato losses were respectively up to 30 and 20%.


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