Pig farmers rally in Taipei protesting ban lift

08-03-2012 | | |

Taiwan’s pig farmers protest plans to lift ban on imported ractopamine tainted beef.

About 8,000 pig farmers joined the rally in Taipei, protesting the government’s plans to lift the ban on imported beef grown on ractopamine feed supplements.

The issue has come to be a pivotal point in the stalled US-Taiwan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement framework talks.

Relaxing the ban, which would allow US beef into Taiwan, may get the talks moving again.

Ractopamine use domestically has been banned in Taiwan for the last decade. Farmers, aware of the health risks involved, object to the lifting of the ban, claiming the government is using a double standard.

Ractopamine has been banned in 100 countries, including the European Union, though is allowed in the US.

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