Human-pig embryos license granted

01-07-2008 | | |

A licence to create human-pig embryos to study heart disease has been issued by the fertility watchdog, the UK newspaper The Telegraph is reporting.


This marks the third animal-human hybrid embryo licence to be issued by Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and the first since the Commons voted in favour of this controversial research last month.

An HFEA spokesman said it had approved an application from the Clinical Sciences Research Institute, University of Warwick, for the creation of hybrid embryos. The centre has been offered a 12 month licence with effect from July 1, 2008.

The effort at the University of Warwick is led by Professor Justin St John. “This new license allows us to attempt to make human pig clones to produce embryonic stem cells,” he said, where embryonic stem cells are able to turn into the 200 plus types in the body.

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