Fancom: Energy efficient climate control

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Fancom: Energy efficient climate control

A properly controlled climate leads to a better growth and welfare of your animals and helps you save expensive energy. Fancom has been able to combine these two aspects in the newest climate systems. With savings in energy that can rise up to 75% as a result.

The patented air flow transmitter has a special design and measures the entire surface of the exhaust chimney, guaranteeing a highly accurate air flow measurement. This enables you to tune the ventilation exactly to the need of your animals for a healthy growth.
OptiSec is an intelligent ventilation control, which calculates the optimal positions for your ventilation and heating, based on the desired house temperature and the actual outside conditions. Because the system also automatically adjusts itself to changing conditions you will never ventilate or heat too much. Also, you know that your animals will have fresh air at all times.
Finally, there is the I-fan. This is a series of energy efficient fans, which produce a lot less heat, letting a lot less energy go to waste. On top of that, the I-fan can be controlled excellently. And very reliably, thanks to a number of failsafe provisions, including an external manual control.
The energy efficient measures have been applied to all Fancom climate systems; the NatuFlow system for houses with exhaust per section, the CentralFlow system for houses with central exhaust and the PowerFlow system especially designed for houses with large pig sections and group housing.
The graph shows the electricity consumption of the I-fan, compared to triac and frequency controlled fans, measured at 30 Pa
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