518 pigs perish in Korean heat wave

14-08-2012 | | |
518 pigs perish in Korean heat wave

South Korea’s extended heat wave has taken its toll on both humans and animals, with more than 518 pigs reported dead.

The agriculture ministry said 518 pigs; 967,156 chickens; 41,660 ducks; 6,000 quail, and 7 cows have died since July 20, when the peak temperature began hovering above 33 Celsius in most areas.

The stifling heat also killed 14 people between July and August, the Ministry of Health said, mostly elderly people working in fields or greenhouses.

Temperatures have stayed above 35 C for 12 days in much of the country, causing massive blooms of algae in rivers.

Sales of electric fans and air conditioners have soared.

On Monday the state power company warned that reserves were dangerously low and urged people to switch off appliances, as usage reached a record.

The meteorological administration says relief is in sight starting Friday, with midday temperatures dropping to the customary August figure of 30C from the weekend.


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