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As publisher of Pig Progress, I would like to inform you about a new feature on our website.

In December, Pig Progress will provide you with 2 types of content: content that is freely available to everyone and content that is only available to our Premium subscribers. Below, we explain why we have chosen Premium content as part of our strategy and how this benefits you.

Premium articles are created by our experts who have spent time crafting opinion blogs, interviews, market analysis and industry outlooks. They share their knowledge, research, expertise, and ideas in these articles, often highlighting the causes, consequences, and solutions of pertinent issues that the pig sector is facing. As a Premium subscriber, you have access to this most valuable content, which is not available anywhere else.

No, that is not the case. Content such as news, in-depth articles, webinars etc. will remain free for all our readers. We have chosen to keep these items freely available, so all our readers can remain up to date on the latest developments within the global pig industry.

All our Premium articles are marked with a Premium logo on the top right corner of the preview image, which makes it easy to distinguish between Premium articles and freely available content.

To read our Premium content we offer three options; Web access, Digital (online articles and digital magazines), and Digital & Print. Learn more about the different options here.

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Marc Klumper

Publisher Misset International