World Bank grant for Indian piggery project

25-06-2008 | |

A pilot project funded by the World Bank will identify 50 self-help groups in the Kokrajhar district of India and assist them to set up piggeries, Indian newspaper The Telegraph reports. Each of these groups would be given 10 piglets and enough fodder for one year.

The joint director of animal husbandry and veterinary department, Mrinal Das, said this is the first project of its kind and a challenging task. “If we could make the project a success in two years, the World Bank will assist us in establishing a major piggery in the district with a capacity of over 100 pigs at a time,” Das said.

A pig farmers’ association will be formed to look after the farms. The project will begin in three months and first priority will be given to women self-help groups, he said. A Kokrajhar-based NGO, Discovery Club, will assist the department in the project.

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