Vostermans Ventilation: New version Basket Fans

01-02-2012 | |
Vostermans Ventilation: New version Basket Fans

Vostermans Ventilation released a new version of the EMIBasket Fan. The fans are provided with streamlined grills, which are also easy to mount and enable a durable unit.

The EMI Basket Fans are well known for their:
· High air capacity
· 3 year warranty
· High throw
· Speed controllable
· Simple, user-friendly construction
· High efficiency (Watt/ m³)
· Low noise level
· Insulation class IP55
These recirculation fans can be applied as support ventilation in pork houses.  Due to the air movement around the pigs a comfortable climate is created.
The large choice in frequencies, voltages, dimensions and materials (stainless steel impellers) and the high quality level makes them suitable for all types of pork houses.
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