Vion closes abattoir, butchery – job losses

22-01-2009 | |

Meat producing and processing company Vion has announced cutting 820 jobs due to restructuring plans.

Dutch-owned Vion has stated that 470 jobs will be lost at its Haverhill site in Suffolk, 200 at Malton in North Yorkshire and 150 at Cambuslang in Scotland.

Job losses – abattoir and butcher to shut
According to reports, the Cambuslang job cuts come after the loss of business supplying food products to supermarket giant Marks & Spencer. However, the other losses are because of plans to restructure the company’s abattoir and sliced cooked meats operations.

Abattoir shuts
According to Vion it will close its doors to its abattoir, butchery and sections of its retail operations at Haverhill and transfer them to Malton. At the same time, all cooked meat production will move from Malton to Haverhill.

Vion further stated it planned to focus resources to create “centres of excellence” which will be better placed to meet the demands from the market and optimise production efficiencies.

Marketplace pressures
“Due to increasingly competitive pressures from the marketplace, we must continually look to optimising our production facilities to ensure sound foundations for the development of our UK business. In creating dedicated facilities at Malton and Haverhill, we will also be investing in both plants to build the business,” said Alasdair Cox, director of corporate affairs.

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