USDA amends animal import regulations

30-11-2007 | |
USDA amends animal import regulations

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is to change the disease status of four EU countries.

For the countries in question, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, they will be added to the list of EU regions considered low risk for classical swine fever and free of swine vesicular disease.

In addition, both Latvia and Lithuania will become regions considered free of FMD and Rinderpest or cattle plague.

Upon accession to the EU, all four countries incorporated the Union’s animal health, welfare and identification legislation into their domestic laws which also included legislation for classical swine fever, FMD and swine vesicular disease.

By adopting the above conditions and undergoing an APHIS risk assessment, all four qualified for a change in disease status. This change will result in fewer import restrictions on animals and animal products. Currently, no swine from any region infected by classical swine fever or swine vesicular disease, can be imported into the US. Countries. However, some cooked and cured products from affected regions is permitted.

In the case of FMD, no ruimant imports or ruimant animals products are allowed entry into the US.

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