US judge puzzled over missing pigs

06-10-2006 | |

A case of missing pigs is giving a federal judge in Baltimore, US a hard time.

The judge said this week he wanted to hear more before deciding on a case concerning a Maryland pig farm under quarantine – and postponed the case for 60 days.
Prosecutors had been two taking pig farmers (father & son) to court to explain what happened to over 100 pigs that had been quarantined in April after they were suspected to suffer from parasitical trichinosis infection.

Unsafe meat

The prosecutors were afraid that the pigs may have been slaughtered, allowing potentially unsafe meat to get to market.
The pig producers’ lawyer says they have no idea what happened to the pigs. One of the attorneys said that his client noticed the animals were missing after returning from a visit to a friend.
As they found tyre tracks from trucks from the property, the producers feel others, possibly state or federal authorities or possible animal rights activists, removed the pigs.
The pig farmers already face 19 criminal counts related to a raid by investigators from state and federal agricultural authorities last spring.

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