US imports more Canadian swine

01-08-2006 | |
US imports more Canadian swine

The US Department of Agriculture reported that the United States imported 4% more live Canadian hogs in May versus the same time in 2005.

Live-hog imports in the month May are up approximately 11%, being about 3.5 million head, compared to the same time in 2005. So far, 70% of the animals were young pigs, 28% were market hogs. In 2005 68% of the imported pigs were weaners and 23% were market hogs.

Pig imports from Canada in second quarter 2006 are estimated at 2.1 million head. The projected increases for both the third and fourth quarters are thought to be about 2.3 million.

Canadian live-pig imports for the year are projected to be slightly higher than 8.8 million head.

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