Unidentified illness kills over 300 pigs in China

07-05-2007 | |

An unidentified animal illness has spread near two southern Chinese cities, infecting at least 1,300 pigs and killing over 300.

This news made headlines in several Hong Kong newspapers.

The disease struck in Yunfu City in the South of the province of Guangdong about four weeks ago. Gaoyao City is said to be infected too.

Chinese media reported that some pigs had developed symptoms such as fever and lack of appetite and died.

Import stop
Due to the news, pork traders in Hong Kong have stopped importing pigs from a township in Guangdong province.

The deputy chairman of the Pork Traders’ General Association of Hong Kong, said, “Pigs to be exported are branded to show where they come from. This will allow the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China to track down the source of infected pigs easily and ban them from being exported.”

No human infections have been reported.

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