UK: First biogas plant for Cornwall

05-03-2008 | |

The first contract for an EnviTec biogas plant in the UK has been signed by a farming company in Cornwall.

Subject to planning permission and finance, E H & B Dymond & Son will be commissioning an 844 kW plant at Penare Farm, Higher Fraddon, near Truro, where there is a 600-sow farrow-to-finish unit. It will cost in the region of £2m (€2.6m).

The plant, to be managed by a new company, Fraddon Biopower Ltd, will process all the slurry from the pig unit as well as accepting waste from local food processing firms. In addition, the use of home-grown maize, from the Dymond’s 600-acre arable enterprise near Truro, is being considered. Glycerol, the by-product of bio-diesel production, may also be used.

The electricity, produced on a continuous basis, will be eligible for a supplementary Government payment of about 4p (€0.05) per kWh and known as a single ROC (Renewables Obligation Certificate). However, ‘green’ electricity from biogas plants is likely to be eligible for double ROC from April, 2008, making a significant impact on potential profit.

An additional processing plant is also planned. This will separate solids from the liquid residue to produce water and a concentrated bio-fertiliser, reducing the need for transportation of waste.

In addition to planning permission, the biogas plant requires an Environmental Impact Assessment, involving several consultants, currently being undertaken. With the emphasis on renewable energy resources, county councils and the Environment Agency are normally very positive regarding this sort of development, say EnviTec Biogas UK.

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