Twelve pigs found on Maryland farm

10-10-2006 | |

Twelve pigs have been found at the Maryland farm last weekend, where about 100 pigs went missing in an apparent violation of a quarantine.

State officials paid a visit to the Caroll County farm after receiving reports that pigs were seen on the farm. All they found were 10 adult pigs, one piglet and a dead pig.

The Maryland farm hit the news last week because its owners, a father and son, were taken to court to explain what happened to over 100 pigs that had been quarantined in April after they were suspected to suffer from parasitical trichinosis infection.
The prosecutors were afraid that the pigs may have been slaughtered, allowing potentially unsafe meat to get to market.
A judge said last week he wanted to hear more before deciding – and postponed the case for 60 days.


The adult pigs now found on the farm have been slaughtered and will be tested for trichinosis and toxoplasmosis.
The baby pig was given to Carroll County Animal Control.
The farm owners said the pigs weren’t theirs and told that they were probably wild pigs that had gotten onto the property.
What happened to the quarantined 100 pigs remains unclear.

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