Taiwan aids Solomon Islands pig farming

10-01-2008 | |
Taiwan aids Solomon Islands pig farming

Over the last three years the government of Taiwan has provided material assistance to improve pig farming in the Solomon Islands. In December 2007 this assistance was consolidated by the opening of a Taiwanese-government-funded workshop on pig farming management in Honiara, the capital of the South Pacific nation.

The three-day workshop was aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of rural pig farmers in the Solomon Islands as there were many interested Solomon Island pig farmers who wanted to improve their skills and knowledge.

Taiwanese Ambassador, George Chan, would opened the workshop, said that although various livestock development projects had been started in the Solomon Islands – raising pigs remained one of the successful livestock activities in the country. This was because in Melanesian culture animals such as pigs were a token of wealth, tribute of compensation, cooperation and reconciliation, and also gifts for wedding ceremonies and other ceremonies.

The pig raising project was started by Taiwan in the Solomon Islands under the name of the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) three years ago and has helped numerous farmers throughout the provinces by improving farmers’ skills, management, knowledge, disease prevention as well as productivity.

The TTM has concluded that the Solomon Islands has the best breed of pigs and the most suitable for formulated feed.

“With these developments, farmers from different provinces have pledged their commitment in participating in this workshop to know more about pig farming management,” Chan said. “Under the Taiwanese- project more priority would be given in establishing more piggery projects around the Solomon Islands: helping the islanders on how to be more productive farmers”.

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