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10-09-2008 | |

The Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, Sept 20-23, will cover critical issues in the swine industry which will also available worldwide via SwineCast.com podcasts soon afterwards.

Keynote sessions include:
ʉۢ The Ongoing Challenge of Flu РVeterinarian Marie Gramer of the University of Minnesota will discuss research on the transmission of swine influenza viruses among pigs, poultry and people.

• Pork’s Carbon Footprint: Hot Air, Hot Opportunity or Both? – Garth Boyd, senior vice president of agriculture for Camco Global, will talk about carbon credit aggregation.

• The Art & Science of PRRS – Mike Murtaugh, professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Minnesota, and Paul Yeske, veterinarian with Swine Vet Center, will present on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

• It’s a New Day – Mark Greenwood, vice president of commercial lending for AgStar Financial Services, and Brett Stuart, co-founder of Global AgriTrends, will discuss lending relationships and international opportunities in the swine industry.

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