Second Wisconsin farm positive for pseudorabies

25-04-2007 | |

A second pig farm in Clark County, Wisconsin, has tested positive for pseudorabies (also known as Aujeszky’s disease).

The latest outbreak of pseudorabies , near the town of Loyal, was found a week after a herd of 300 swine in the Greenwood area, Wisconsin, had tested positive.

New outbreak
The new outbreak was found in eleven animals, tested at Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory. The 20-animal herd has been quarantined.

The herd was tested because it had been in contact with the original infected herd; a boar from that herd had been brought to the Loyal farm for breeding.

A new quarantine zone has been established in the new zone around Loyal, which is slightly further than eight kilometres from Greenwood.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) had already given the state of Wisconsin until May 2nd to destroy the infected Greenwood herd and test all swine herds within five miles.

Experts say the disease, completely eradicated from commercial hog operations in the US in 2003, could have been introduced by feral pigs.

Pseudorabies a disease that is not dangerous to humans but causes seizures and stillbirths in pigs.

The animals will be culled, but can be processed as there is no risk for humans through eating this pork.

The first pseudorabies outbreak has already caused the US state of Michigan to ban the imports of Wisconsin hogs.

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