Scientists recreate extinct pig

20-11-2006 | |

Scientists at the Shetland Islands have recreated a pig that has been extinct for about 200 years.

The grice, a pig variety living at the Shetland Islands having the size of a large dog and carrying tusks, was recreated by a taxidermist after meticulous investigative work.

The pig was kept domestically until the 1800s, when landowners forced islanders to keep fewer pigs and the breed died out.

Archaeological findings

In order to reconstruct it, the researchers managed to find various descriptions in documents. They also investigated artefact and archaeological findings.

“We’re delighted that visitors to the museum will now be able to see for themselves an animal that had such a large part in Shetland’s farming history.”

The pig will be shown in the Shetland Museum and Archives, due to re-open to the public in spring 2007.

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