Russia struggles to contain Classical swine fever

04-10-2011 | |
Russia struggles to contain Classical swine fever

The Vladimir oblast region is seeing the spread of Classical swine fever (CSF) at pig farms. It has been reported that outbreaks have surfaced at the same time that new ownership of swine farms occurred in the area.

One measure which has taken place is the fencing off of animal areas so that animal movements are kept to a minimum.
A representative of Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal Trade & Sanitary Inspection Authority) has said that unauthorised animal movements, avoiding veterinary certification has been seen over the last six months. Animal populations are therefore not completely recorded and because of this there is no complete immunisation project.
Thus far, no culling of pigs has taken place as laboratory results are still under wraps.
A regional representative of Rospotrebnadzor has said that the governor of the oblast should reimburse businesses for losses due to the disease. CSF has been confirmed in five outbreaks during the last three months.
Source: (Russian)