Russia finally sets meat import quotas for 2010

01-12-2009 | |

Russia has reduced quotas on poultry and pork imports in 2010, according to Russian media reports.

According to the government’s decree the amount of pork imports to Russia next year will amount to 500,000 tonnes compared to 650,000 tonnes in 2009. Poultry meat and offal quotas in 2010 will amount to 780,000 tonnes compared to 952,000 tonnes this year. Frozen beef quota is set at the level of 530,000 tonnes while fresh beef – 30,000 tonnes.

Importers who did not use quotas on meat imports to Russia in 2009 will not receive them in 2010, according to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Andrei Slepnev.

Slepnev also added that the increase of the domestic meat production was the main reason of the quotas reduction. At the same time the duty on over-quota beef imports will be increased. Also, in 2010 Russia is going to increase beef imports at a discounted rate.

According to Slepnev, until February 2010 Russia’s government will consider the possibility of selling part of quotas through the auction. Auctions can be launched in 2011. (Evegen Vorotnikov)

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