Respiratory problems for Dutch pig producers

21-01-2010 | |

About 13% of Dutch pig producers have shown to suffer from respiratory problems at a recent test among 150 pig farmers on recent farm shows.

At trade shows in the cities of Den Bosch and Hardenberg,©pig producers could volunarily join in to do a lung function test, according a special network around dust in pig houses, set up by Wageningen University and Research Centre.

About 20 out of 150 turned out to have respiratory problems and received the advice to see a doctor.

Apart from testing, the network also did questionnaires. These showed that many pig producers are aware of potential dust risks – and 70% in the Netherlands is using dust protection. In many cases, however, this is used incorrectly.

In addition, many effective measures, like face covers, turned out to have a negative image.

The reason to setting up this network was a workshop, given in 2008, by lung doctor J. Rooijackers. He indicated there is a great need to acquire more knowledge about potential harmful effects of breathing dust for longer periods of time. Causes, consequences and measures can thus better be investigated.

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