QuigTag speeds up and simplifies data entry on a PDA

11-10-2010 | |
QuigTag speeds up and simplifies data entry on a PDA

Mobile mini computers, so called PDAs or palmtop computers, have long since found their way into the pig house. Their use, however, is often made more difficult because of the rather small display and keyboard, bad light conditions and dust and dirt inside the house.

EuroTier 2010: Big Dutchman innovation for mobile mini computers.

Navigation on the PDA sometimes gets wearisome, error-prone and rather time-consuming. With the Big Dutchman innovation QuigTag all of these problems are a thing of the past: QuigTag enables the farm manager to make safe and quick entries on his PDA via meaningful symbols on the pen partitions in the house. The clou is: the data represented by the symbols can be read by means of a transponder reader and can then be used for navigation in the PDA programmes.

The transponder reader can read pig, location and action transponders. If these reading operations are used in combination they can replace laborious typing on the mini computer. An example: the PDA with transponder reader is held against the ear tag of a sow and then held against the respective pen symbol. The software immediately opens the corresponding menu in which the pig can be assigned to the designated pen. The wearisome and time-consuming navigation from one menu level to the next is no longer necessary.
A similar process can be carried out with the action symbol “vaccination”: after reading a pig transponder, the vaccination symbol directly opens a dialogue which permits the farm manager to simply select the vaccine and confirm the selection.
QuigTag works on mobile computers with a transponder reader on the basis of Windows Mobile and is part of the new BigFarmNet technology for all-in-one pig production control.