Queensland warns of live feral pig transport

10-10-2007 | |

Biosecurity Queensland has issued a warning to feral pig hunters that steep penalties will ensue if the animals are transported live without a permit.

Peter James, Biosecurity’s Old northern principal land protection officer, said that reports had been received by officers about feral pigs being caught and transported live to chiller boxes.

Illegal transport
He stated further that, although it is illegal to transport feral pigs without a permit, it is also not permitted by law to release a feral pig after it has been caught.

“Maximum penalties amount to AUD $3,750 (US $3,374) for transporting and keeping feral pigs and AUD $7,500 (US $6,748) for releasing the pigs into new areas. Hence, the activity is quite expensive who those who are caught.”

Feral pig hunters can apply for commercial permits covering the live transport of feral pigs, according to James. However, this is only done under certain circumstances.

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