Proccer winner of Colombia’s Emerald Award

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Photo:  PigChamp Pro Europa
Photo: PigChamp Pro Europa

Swine farm Proccer from the Colombian Antioquía department has been the most notable winner of the first edition of the Porks Awards, held in co-location with the AgroExpo agricultural fair in Bogotá, Colombia, in mid-July 2017.

The awards are a recognition for the development of the country’s swine industry and were organised by the Colombian pork association, supported by the Catalan agricultural research institute IRTA and sponsored by PigChamp Pro Europa, Spain. In particular, the awards are a recognition for performance of swine farms that are characterised by high productivity, better biosecurity and better sustainable production.

A swine journey to Europe

Winning the emerald award meant that the owners of Proccer won a journey to Spain to gain more experience about pig production in this continent. The prize went to the farm, which as a whole was considered to be the of the total of nominees for the balance of all its indices, census structure, and evolution during the last 3 years.

Apart from the emerald award, which was the overall winner of the first edition of the Porks Awards, in several categories reflecting farm size, other prizes were also awarded. Category I was for farms with up to 160 active sows; category II reflected 161-400 active sows; category 3 included farms with more than 401 active sows.

Every time, outcomes of software data decided who was the winner; the results were evaluated in a period between 1 January and 31 December 2016. In total, 100 farms participated in the ceremony, representing 45,000 reproduction sows. The following prizes were awarded:

Pink Diamond Award

• Cerezales – Proccer – Antioquía

Gold medal ‘Piglets/sow/year’

• Category I: Serranía – Porcicultores APA – Antioquia

• Category II: La Suiza – Porcicultores APA – Antioquia

• Category III: Jordana – Italcol – Cundinamarca

Gold medal ‘Farrowing rate’

• Category I: Las Violetas – Porcicultores – Antioquia

• Category II: Villa Graciela – Porcicultores – Antioquia

• Category III: El Trébol – Cercafé – Eje Cafetero

Gold medal ‘Piglets per culled sow’

• Category I: El Encanto – Porcicultores APA – Antioquia

• Category II: Cerezales – Proccer – Antioquia

• Category III: Los Arrayanes – IMP Agro (Grupo Cervalle) – Cauca

Special prize for sustainable production

• Category I: Guarne – Granja Porcícola Guarne – Antioquia

• Category II: La Cecilia – Cercafé – Risaralda

• Category III: Pontevedra – Cercafé – Risaralda

Special prize for biosecurity

• Categoría I: Villa Adegos – Granja Villa Adegos – Atlántico

• Categoría II: Líder – Porcícola Líder de Colombia – Cundinamarca

• Categoría III: Pradera – Porcícola Pradera – Caldas

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