Pot bellied pigs get married

13-02-2007 | |

As the Year of the Pig is approaching rapidly in many Asian countries celebrations are set up. For that reason, a pig producer in North East Taiwan arranged a marriage between two pot bellied pigs.

Farmer Shu Wen-chun had already started looking for a proper spouse for his 18 kilogramme animal in October last year. He finally found one, born in 2005. “They will live together in happiness,” he said.

Both animals wore tailor made marriage garments during the wedding ceremony and were blessed by a catholic priest. About 400 people were present to witness the ceremony – even paying about €3 per person to witness the events.

The money will be spent on a project for handicapped children.

Two parrots were present at the wedding too, being best men.

The year of the pig will start on Sunday, February 18th.

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