Pigs cause chaos in Serbian house

12-01-2007 | |

Escaped pigs have set a farmer’s home in Northern Serbia on fire after knocking over the television in the living room.

The accident happened in the town of Temerin, about 80 kilometres North West of the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

The three pigs, having broken out of their pens, walked into the house, bumping into the TV, after which the tube burst, police said.

No people were hurt, but the pigs perished.

Angry UK pigs

Earlier this week, a herd of pigs gave a 51-year old UK farm estate worker a hard time when they attacked him.

The man, from Norfolk, was attacked by a sow in a pen, causing him to fall over after which other pigs joined in.

Despite suffering from bumps, bruises and a head injury, he was able to crawl out, get help and be treated in hospital.

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