Pig farming gains popularity in Punjab

18-11-2008 | |

More and more farmers in different parts of Punjab are today taking to turkey and pig farming. The shift from the conventional methods to new avenues is driven from the urge to earn better income, writes Karan Kapoor.

In an effort to empower small and marginal farmers, Punjab government is encouraging farmer to take up turkey and pig farming in the rural parts of the State.

A look into the prospects of turkey breeding and pig farming, one learns how both of them are potentially more viable than conventional farming. One Harjit Singh of Lopan Village in Samrala area started his venture four years ago with 11 pigs with an investment of 700 dollars. Today, he takes pride in the fact that his decision has led to raising over 100 pigs of Canadian, Australian and American breeds.

Singh says: “From 11 pigs for years ago, today my farm houses 107 pigs. Initially, I nourished an English breed, then an Australian pig and then I ventured into importing red pig. Everyday, I get so many calls from traders asking for pigs and pork.” Singh has received several farming awards for his initiative into promoting pig farming in the State. He has inspired over 20 farmers to take up pig farming for a better income.

Big demand
Red pig meat today has a big demand and is supplied to different areas of Punjab and outside the State as well. Singh said: “I sell my pigs for Rs. 2,000 (approx. 40 dollars) higher than the market price. I am providing ready to eat organic pork pickle to customers.” The Punjab government has launched a diversification drive in the animal husbandry sector. 

Source: ANI

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