Pig farmer ‘went for 50 victims’

23-01-2007 | |

The Canadian pig farmer, on trial for the gruesome death of several women, told a policeman he had even murdered 49 people and had been hoping to kill his 50th.

While in jail after his arrest, the pig farmer, who had a farm near Vancouver, told the story to a police officer, prosecutor Derrill Prevett told the court.

The prosecutor said the pig farmer also informed that he had split and froze two of the victims’ heads.

Not guilty

The pig farmer (57), arrested back in 2002, went on trial Monday for the murder of six drug-addicted prostitutes, whose remains have been found at his premises. He pleaded not guilty for these killings.

The pig farmer faces a second trial on charges of murdering another 20 women at a later date.

The pig farmer has been in jail since his arrest during an large police investigation of many women who went missing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.


He is alleged to have taken them back to his remote 17-acre farm, where he butchered the women. He is said to have put their bodies through an industrial woodchipper and fed their mince to his pigs, some of which were later slaughtered and sold into the human food chain.

The initial trial is expected to last at least one year.

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