Phytases and phytases

08-03-2012 | |
Mavromichalis Phd International Consultnutritionist
Phytases and phytases

Undoubtedly, the most successful enzyme for pigs is phytase. At least, this is evidenced by the commercial records for this enzyme, and the plethora of available phytases in the market.


But, although having such a great range of similar products to select from is certainly a good thing, it does create a problem. Namely, which one to pick?
There are many criteria, ranging from price to stability, from effectiveness to safety for human handlers, etc. I am sure we can come up with a lengthy list!
In my work, I have seen my customers ranking price, effectiveness, and stability as the three most important aspects.
I would be interested to read your views on how you select a phytase enzyme, what criteria you use, and why. Please, do leave a comment!
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