PEOPLE: Swine genetics company Genetiporc hires Dr Dan Hamilton

20-03-2012 | |

Canadian swine genetics company Genetiporc has named Dr Dan Hamilton director of international technical services.

Hamilton joined the company as genetics/meat science manager in 2002 and was promoted to technical services director for Genetiporc USA in 2004.

As a key part of the Genetiporc management team, Hamilton will be involved with the international head office. As director of international technical services, Hamilton will be integrally involved in the direction of research and development of genetic lines and progress across all markets.

Genetiporc is a division of Breton Foods Canada, an integrated business in the swine industry. Genetiporc specialises in the production, selection and distribution of breeding stock with a good genetic and health status, thereby ensuring consistent, high-volume supply from a single source.

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