Pancosma to share new strategy and research in Bangkok

07-03-2011 | |

Swiss feed additive manufacturer Pancosma will have an open meeting for its partners and media collaborators on 12th March in Bangkok, Thailand.

The company will share recent discoveries of its R&D team which were done in collaboration with major universities. The company will reveal the gut is a second brain. 
This event will also be the opportunity for the company’s CEO, D. Kofel, to reveal the new strategy and the new corporate identity. The discovery open new frontiers in animal nutrition and has made the company review its approach and its strategy./div>

Obviously, the company has evaluated its corporate identity with a new logo and new communications to come.
Speakers will also include K.S. Doan, the company’s sales manager Asia & Oceania areas and F. Gautier, the company’s sales director, will talk about ‘Targeting enteroendocrin cells, a new vision of nutrition.
The event will be held from 1pm to 4pm in Bangkok’s Pathumwan Princess Hotel.
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