Osborne Industries – new president and COO

16-09-2011 | |

Osborne Industries, Inc., has named long time employee George Eakin as the president and chief operating officer of the Kansas based employee-owned company.

“George has a very high level of knowledge about our products and processes that will keep us focused on our goal; to provide innovative products and solutions that benefit our employees and customers,” said Osborne Industries vice president and chief financial officer, Tom Kober.

A native of rural Kansas, Eakin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dordt College – Iowa, a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University and in 1998 was certified as a State of Kansas Professional Engineer.

Eakin joined Osborne Industries as a product engineer in 1987.  From 1990-2009, he was chief engineer and in 2009 became vice president of operations. Throughout his tenure, Eakin has been a key player in growing

Osborne Industries’ custom molding business, played an instrumental role in the development of Osborne’s line of livestock equipment, and was listed as co-inventor on multiple patents including:

. Swinging gate assembly, electronic livestock feeding station, and automated sorting system (2 patents)
. Polyolefin compositions having enhanced ultraviolet and oxidative resistance and methods for their production and use
. Method and apparatus for ceiling ventilation
. Method and means for improved sidewall ventilation

Eakin also worked on the project management team at Osborne Industries in charge of overseeing several facility construction projects. Notable projects include: construction of the Resin Transfer

 Molding production facility and Electronics department, set-up and operation of the Reaction Injection Molding facility, design of the mold pre-form area, and construction of the livestock demonstration farm.


“I am excited to work with the many skilled and capable Osborne employee owners as we grow our company. It will take hard work and dedication from everyone to be successful and I am confident that we will achieve our goals,” said Eakin.

Osborne Industries, founded in 1973, is a 100% employee-owned diversified developer of livestock equipment and custom molded plastics.



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