Oregano supplement for suckling piglets

28-02-2008 | |

GE Baker (UK) Ltd has announced the availability of Ropadiar, a feed supplement for pigs, based on the natural herb, oregano, as an emulsion for suckling piglets.

Ropadiar Emulsion has anti-bacterial properties against disease-causing bacteria, such as E coli, which results in scouring in young pigs. Studies have shown dramatic reductions in piglet diarrhoea within 12 hours of dosing with this product.

It is available in 100 ml and 250 ml bottles with a dosage pump for oral administration to piglets. Dosage rate is 1 ml per piglet repeated, if necessary, 12-24 hours later.

Ropadiar Emulsion contains oregano oils extracted from specially-selected plants and is said to be natural, safe and effective.

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