North Korea still in the grips of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

24-02-2011 | |

Foot-and-Mouth Disease is still rife in North Korea, reports have stated.

Six cows were first confirmed to have the disease in Pyongyang’s Sadong district on 25 December, while currently the disease has made its way across the country except for the Hamgyong provinces, with cases confirmed at 48 locations, 15 of which were in Pyongyang. In the city’s Ryokpo area 4,350 pigs died of the disease.

Reports state that in the North, vaccination efforts using a local vaccine has had no effect on the situation and made little difference.

Thus far, as the disease spreads, more than 9,900 pigs, 500 cows and 165 goats have been confirmed to have contracted the disease, while a total of 8,640 pigs and 15 cows have died from the disease.

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