New US Action Plan for imported meat

21-11-2007 | |

Only imported meat that has been tested and is found to be safe can be sold on the US meat market.

These are the conditions laid down in the new ‘Action Plan for Import Safety ‘ presented by Mike Leavitt, US minister for health at the beginning of this month.

Drawn-up by 12 American departments and organisations, the plan is due to come into effect mid-2008. It follows recent food scandals and recalling of meat.

Imported meat
The US ministry of agriculture has emphasised that the plan is intended to make imported meat as safe as US homegrown meat and not to make imports more difficult.

Leavitt commented that the US must now work together with importing community, foreign producers, exporters and governments to “improve the safety of imported products …so all can benefit from an abundant and safe marketplace”.

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